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Not many years ago, losing a tooth left you with only a few options. Today, dental implants often give you the best opportunity to enjoy normal chewing and an intact smile. After you and your doctor carefully chart a clear course, a few questions usually come to mind. Of course, you realize the benefits…especially knowing you’re choosing a solution that will serve you every day for years to come. But you might be wondering about the short-term section of the journey: For example, what is the dental implant procedure like?

Your comfort is the focus every time you step into our practice. We take every measure to make that central to your dental implant experience and work with specialists who share the same philosophy. If you prefer sedation, we will include that service in part of your plan. Speaking of plans: it’s vital that a custom road map is created for your return to full dental function. Our team calls upon digital imaging technology and other records to guide the entire process. Good planning pays dividends in life…and in dentistry.

You’ll likely be surprised at the experience of dental implant placement. Modern dental anesthetic numbs the area well, and experienced hands start placing the implant. A small guide hole provides a path for a small implant cylinder to be carefully and slowly threaded into the site. Within a short time, the sterile piece settles into place and a smooth cover is placed over it to be left for the healing period. In some cases, a temporary or permanent crown may be inserted… other temporary options are possible so you can smile confidently from day one. The implant can’t have strong bite forces applied to it until the bone has attached firmly to the delicate surface. Every case is different, and we will help you decide what will work best during the initial healing period. This period usually lasts from 46 months as the implant integrates into your jaw. Most patients experience minimal discomfort after placement, especially compared to tooth removal.

After the healing period, a crown will be custom-made and attached to the implant with a small screw or dental cement. Our team chooses from numerous components that deliver the best result when completing the final stage. The complete customization of your tooth replacement from planning to the final placement of your new crown makes all the difference. Our team has years of experience and advanced education in the exciting area of dental implant technology and brings the best of modern dentistry to you.

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